Ring Solar Panel Not Working | Easy Ways To Fix Ring Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel Not Working

The purpose of ring devices is to keep you secure. It should go without saying that they should always be on. After all, if they frequently abstained, they wouldn’t be as safe. Ring gadgets have a built-in solar panel function that charges them during the day in order to guarantee this. What should you do if your Ring Doorbell Solar Charger breaks down?

The ring is well-recognized for making gadgets with a built-in camera, motion sensors, and a variety of other practical functions. Installing a solar panel that can keep your ring video doorbell, floodlight cameras, or other devices operating even when you are not present to monitor them is a fantastic option to keep your house and family secure.

The capability to remotely let visitors into your house if you recognize them makes this doorbell even more alluring. If you accidentally lock someone out of the house or find yourself in a similar position where you need to provide entry to someone, you won’t need to worry.

Fixes To Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

Fixes To Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

1. Reinstalling The Solar Panel

If your solar panel isn’t recharging your electronics, you should check to see if anything is physically impeding it and look for repairing those solar panels if that doesn’t work you should replace them.

To check if there is a debris on solar panels, manually separate the solar panel and check it for obstructions such as debris, debris affects solar panel efficiency. If you’ve previously looked and nothing seems to be obstructing it, examine the cables directly.

It’s possible that a wire is loose or that the wires are not securely connected. Once you’ve ensured that all cables are properly connected, reattach the solar panel.

2. Check Your Ring Solar Panel Is In Direct Sunlight

It is advised that you stay away from setting up the solar charger on the porch or in dim areas so that it receives enough sunlight to charge the app. For your device to be charged, the Ring Solar Panel needs three to four hours each day of direct sunshine.

It won’t charge your device effectively if it isn’t receiving enough sunshine. Make sure no obstacles can cover the solar panel with shadows. If you reside in a cloudy place, you may not get enough sunshine to charge the solar panel.

3. Look For Defects In Your Ring Solar Panel

If the solar panel isn’t charging after you’ve cleared away the debris and connected the cables correctly, there may be a problem with the solar panel or the Ring device. Open the Ring app on your phone, scroll to “Device health,” and you can verify this.

From there, you may find out if your gadget is attached to a solar panel or not. There’s a probability your solar panel is damaged if the app claims it’s not connected even when the solar panel is physically attached.

You will, therefore, need to replace it. To make sure the solar panel is functioning, it is advised that you first connect it to another device.

4. Check the Compatibility Of the Solar Panel With Ring Device

The two gadgets could not be compatible if you can’t use the solar panel to recharge your Ring items. Ring doorbells and cameras can be charged with the Ring solar panel, although not all devices can use it.

For instance, a Ring spotlight camera cannot be used with the standard Ring solar panel. The Super Solar Panel is required to charge this gadget.

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging In Winter

Ring makes sure that its solar panels are resistant to various elements. In light of this, a Ring solar panel can operate well in the temperature range of -20°F to 120°F. The panels won’t provide the greatest service if you use them outside the prescribed temperatures.

Be aware that during the winter, your solar panel won’t support your Ring Video Doorbell or provide a sufficient charge for the battery. This has a very clear cause.

Sunlight won’t last that long to power the panel and recharge the battery. Additionally, colder temperatures can also cause an excessive drain to your lithium-ion battery. However, this does not imply that the solar panel is malfunctioning.

How Do You Reset A Solar Panel Ring?

If you discover that your Ring solar panel is not being recognized, it’s possible that it wasn’t put correctly. Your solar panel should be taken off and put back on as your initial action. Verify that the cables are not obstructed, linked properly, or have any other damage.

The best thing to do after replacing the solar panel if you receive a notification that your Ring solar panel is not being recognized is to make sure the battery is receiving sunlight. Reset your Ring camera after that. The setup button on your Ring gadget also serves as the reset button. A reset can be accomplished by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds.

Wait for about a minute after the first 20 seconds. Your Ring camera ought to reset itself automatically after a minute. Ensure the solar panel displays “Connected” when accessing the “Settings” menu.


Problems with Ring Solar Panels are frequently caused by misunderstandings about how the system operates. If the percentage is greater than 90%, the solar charger will not power your doorbell. If the percentage is less than 90%, yet the battery won’t charge, there may not be enough sunshine.

In contrast, if the solar panel receives plenty of sunlight while being exposed to the sun all day and is still unable to charge, there may be a connection issue or a fault that needs to be examined.

You will have a decent possibility of fixing your solar panel if you follow the above-mentioned instructions. It could be necessary to consult professionals if that isn’t the case.

Unless you have prior solar panel installation experience, we do not advise looking into the matter further. In order to find the answer more quickly, be sure to inform the Ring support team of the techniques you used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ring solar panels often last for more than a year. Ring also provides lifelong theft protection and a 1-year part and labor warranty.

The doorbell’s motion-detecting feature has the potential to deplete the power in your ring batteries. Turning on this function will interfere with the recharge even if you try to charge the batteries in the sunlight. By turning off the associated device’s motion-sensing option, you may avoid this problem.

After that, remove the battery and recharge it using a standard charger. Do not disconnect the battery until it is fully charged.

Depending on the surface on which you’re placing the Ring Solar charger, there are many options available. For instance, you may use the included screws and tools to attach the charger straight to the wood.

You must refrain from installing the Solar Charger on porches or in shaded locations for it to function. The Ring App will not require you to turn on the solar charger.

Connect it to the Ring Video Doorbell once it has been installed. The gadget will begin to be charged by the solar charger. This is only possible if it gets the optimum amount of sunlight.

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