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Why we started Helius Energy

Helius Energy was started as an initiative to help homeowners to switch their most used appliances to harness solar power. Water heating, lighting, and refrigeration are near-universal and year-round home energy uses. On average, more than half (51% in 2015) of a household’s annual energy consumption is for just two energy end uses: space heating and air conditioning. 

We decided to help consumers understand how they can save our planet along with their hard earned money. With Helius energy we educate our readers by providing solar alternatives to their home appliances which are cheaper than traditional appliances and only have an initial cost with no recurring cost, isn’t that exciting? Free electricity life long?

Now that everything is going electric, from cars to garden lights; we must show some accountability with sourcing our electricity. When there exists a non-exhaustive and abundant source such as the sun and we’ve advanced enough to make electricity out of nothing but sunlight, we don’t see a reason as to why we shouldn’t strive to amplify its adoption.

Who are we

We’re a group of travellers who have seen enough damage to our planet through fossil fuel, mining and energy generation. On our trip to different rural areas who have started using Solar Panels to meet their daily energy needs, we realised why aren’t we using it in cities? We understand that cities have high energy demands but we can at least use Solar power for part of our daily energy requirements. Like, how about changing your garden uplights with solar lights, changing gutter lights which are ON all night with solar gutter lights, changing water heaters with solar heaters and more.

This blog was an idea of our Travel planner, Owen who always loves to travel through remote places to find how people are using natural resources to meet their daily needs of food, energy and happiness. It’s time we use technology to not only help ourselves but also our planet in healing itself.

How do We Make the Change?

You don’t need to shift to remote places to reduce your carbon footprint. Just for your information, the average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, which is the highest in the world. So, how we do make the change? We won’t say that you should stop watching TV or using appliances to reduce energy consumption.

It’s very simple, just go SOLAR! With the rapid increase in Solar tech, it’s lot more easier to replace your daily appliances with solar powered devices. Like Solar heaters, lights, fans, cookers, electric vehicles and what not! Join us in this Solar revolution.

What’s Latest

Articles on Helius Energy aren’t just about a specific topic but everything that helps us move towards sustainable living.