Best Solar Charge Controller – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Charge Controller

A charge controller tool is necessary to avoid battery damages. It stands in-between your power generation resource, the solar panels, the energy storage component (battery), and also the last lots– guaranteeing appropriate and full control of power flows and also system protection.

As important as it is, contrasting various charge controllers can be a little complicated. That’s why the adhering to list presents the best solar charge controllers in 2022.

Providing a wide variety of prices and features, some of these charge controllers shine through their technically advanced features. Others are understood for their world power ability or totally through their simplistic and also user friendly layout.

Regardless of what you’re trying to find, one of these controllers is the perfect alternative for your Recreational Vehicle, Fence Kits, or laptop charger.

5 Best Solar Charge Controller

1. Victron Energy MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 version is made by the well-known high-quality manufacturer based in the Netherlands, Victron Energy.

With an intelligent as well as lightning-quick system, this charge controller for photovoltaic panels is a fantastic option for those unknown or brand-new to solar system installment.

The main attraction feature, the wireless Bluetooth administration system, puts this device on the top of the list, allowing remote monitoring as well as setting updates trough smart devices or Victron items.

The MPPT control is set up for a three-step billing process to expand batteries life, though it can be set for equalization on lead batteries.

Built-in LED indication lights offer a real-time view of the battery billing procedure phase, as well as permit to diagnose system fault scenarios with the combination of ON, OFF and blinking state of the LEDs.

The charger is upgradable by acquiring Victron attachments such as the battery monitor BMV-700 collection, which gives condition information like voltage, present, watts and also more.

With a fair amount of conviction, I can assure you this right here is one of the best mppt charge controller on the market.

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2. EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The Epever MPPT Tracer AN series is a sophisticated solar fee controller MPPT algorithm-based.

It is located at the top of the list of MPPT charge controllers due to its cost-effective capability, reaching a peak conversion performance of as much as 98%.

Featuring a multi-function LCD present, it is likewise user-programmable for several battery kinds: Secured, GEL, AGM, flooded, liFEPO4 or Li( NiCoMn). It likewise features an automatic battery voltage recognition.

Furthermore, its RS-485 communication bus interface and Modbus interaction procedure, allows mobile APP or PC software parameters setting and also checking, and also meets various interaction demands for different situations.

The consisted of MT-50 remote meter presents real-time operating data and also fault of the system, as well as the remote temperature sensing unit enables temperature level settlement according to battery temperature level.

The Tracer 2210AN is rated for a maximum open-circuit input voltage from the panels of 100 volts, permitting approximately 390W on 12 volts systems and also 780W on 24 volts of input power. Several load work modes guarantee complete control over the batteries cost and discharge procedure.

As you would expect from any other item, some factors will certainly figure out, which Motor Home photovoltaic panel controller is the most effective for your Recreational Vehicle. And this section will review them at length to guarantee you come away with the excellent product.

3. GHB Auto Switch LCD Solar Charge Controller

GHB 20A is a lead-acid battery solar charge controller that uses a clear as well as modern-day LCD visualization screen.

The easy to set up enclosure facilitates the configuration and also operation of the controller.

This completely automatic battery charger deals with any 12 volts system while providing lots of electrical security attributes consisting of reverse polarity security.

The PWM control enhances system effectiveness and makes sure the life expectancy of the battery.

Its equipment features 2 USB 5 volts/3 amps ports, and a double 12 volts outcome port to power DC lamps or works as a phone charger. It also enables the opportunity of incorporating temperature compensation with a temperature sensor connected to the batteries.

4. Renogy Adventurer PWM Solar Charge Controller

The Adventurer-Li made by Renogy Adventurer is suitable for off-grid applications on 12V and also 24V systems.

Thanks to its programmable Lithium billing voltage, the 30amp PWM model is now efficient in charging most Lithium batteries readily available on the market.

One-of-a-kind in its form, the Adventurer-Li is particularly created as a Motor Home solar charge controller enabling an aesthetically tidy flush mounting on wall surfaces thanks to the consisted of attachment.

The controller consists of a remote temperature sensing unit (TS-R) for exact temperature level payment as well as a remote battery voltage sensing unit (RBVS) for a proper action of battery terminals.

The RS232 attaches as well as connects the controller with the Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth component. By including the BT-1 to the Adventurer-Li, you can make use of the smartphone app (Renogy BT) to monitor as well as change your planetary system from another location.

Just as various other Renogy PWM controllers, the Traveler uses a PWM 4-stage algorithm to increase battery longevity appropriately to battery kind AGM, Gel, Swamped or lithium.

Overall you would say that this is a pretty decent charge controller from one of the best Solar Appliance brands. Renogy alongside Zamp and Go Power produce some of the best solar products.

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5. WindyNation P30L PWM Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controllers is a premium solar PWM charge controller that includes a full electronic visualization of system essential details that works as a user-system user interface that allows the setup of the solar motorist.

Suitable for 12 and also 24 volts batteries, an automatic find feature recognizes the battery voltage upon initial connection as well as offers up to 30 amp charging existing.

Built-in circuit protection includes overload, short circuit, reverse polarity, lighting/source, PV panel reverse-current, overcharging, and discharging security.

The controller consists of a battery temperature level sensing unit (BTS) that ensures temperature compensation of the fee voltage enhancing battery performance as well as life and decreasing battery maintenance.

The enclosure is constructed out of resilient plastic with visual LCD graphic symbols to supply condition indicators of cost, battery condition, and also system faults. P30L fits as the perfect model for the well-known solar package for a RV of WindyNation.

Buying the Best Charge Controller for Solar – A Comprehensive Guide

Best Solar Charge Controller

1. Type

The type of the solar charge controller refers to whether it’s an MPPT or PMW model. MPPT controllers are widely accepted as being the very best of the very best, so they naturally leading our list.

However, we have actually also consisted of in our rankings a few PWM controllers as premium options are occasionally preferable for those seeking to create straightforward systems to power solar lanterns in a yard or a smart phone.

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2. Amp Rating

The first thing you’ll intend to take into consideration is the amp rating. This dimension tells you the highest possible amperage the product can output to the batteries. As an example, if you have a solar charge controller with a 10 amp rating, it wouldn’t be a great fit for 2 100 watt photovoltaic panels with a power of 6 amps.

You see your panels would combine to produce 12 amps complete as well as the controller can just result 10 amps. Because of this, two amps would wind up not being utilized, which’s not what anybody desires. Instead, you intend to pick a solar charge controller with a rating that’s 25% higher than your solar panel’s peak power.

Nevertheless, there are times your solar panels will certainly produce more than their output rating. The padding supplied by the additional 25% will certainly ensure you can make the most of those conditions. It’s additionally necessary that you consider any kind of extra solar panels you plan on including later.

3. On/Off Switch

It may look like such a basic attribute, yet some solar charge controllers don’t have an on/off button. Appears crazy, best?

Well, these products do exist, as well as I have actually constantly prevented them since I such as having the option of transforming the product on and off.

This function ends up being unbelievably beneficial when you consider it allows to shut the down the item without removing the fuse at the battery. To put it simply, it makes points much easier on the person utilizing the gadget.

Given this information, do yourself a support and also make certain the model you get has an on/off switch. Trust me; it does offer a degree convenience that you shouldn’t consider given. The sensation of control is a great touch as well.

4. Flexible Charging Voltage Set Point

Another hassle-free attribute you must check into your RV solar controller having is an adjustable billing voltage collection factor. This little feature will allow you to adjust the voltage during the charging procedure based upon the kind of battery: AGM, swamped lead-acid, or gel.

If you’re perplexed by what voltage is right for your battery, you can always get in touch with the battery maker to get the info you need. Generally, this feature makes everything concerning the charging procedure a lot more reliable.

5. Battery Temperature Sensor

Any kind of top-tier solar charge controller will have some kind of battery temperature level sensor. You see this function will ensure the batteries do not come to be under or overcharged, which can be an actual problem.

This attribute can offer this exceptional ability by readjusting the billing setpoint based upon the temperature level of your batteries. Because of this, it’ll stop plate sulfation and also excess water loss, which are both troublesome for your batteries.

It’s one more attribute that’ll secure your batteries from experiencing any type of unneeded damage. And also, it’ll make certain these batteries remain as reliable as possible by keeping them at the excellent fee degree as opposed to under or over it.

6. Dry Camp/Shore Power Switch

You should likewise seek a solar charge controller with a completely dry camp/shore power switch. This attribute will certainly supply with you the ability to transform the battery’s charge setpoint between maximum power and also standby mode.

Optimum power would certainly be the better choice when you’re RVing far from the camping site. Simply put, aside from shore power. However if you’re connected into shore power, the standby setting would be the far better choice.

Standby mode is additionally valuable when you have to save your RV as it’ll keep your batteries; therefore, having a button that makes switching between these settings extremely very easy is an useful thing to carry your solar fee controller.

7. Price

These solar charge controllers can obtain surprisingly expensive, which indicates comprehending your budget plan becomes critical. You have to describe what you want out of these products as well as relate that to an acceptable cost variety.

Honestly, this item isn’t something you require to burst your savings account for as there are plenty of cost-efficient options around. Establishing a budget plan also will aid limit your options, which is quite useful in taking care of the overwhelming amount of options.

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Final thought

Those of you who currently have one or are intending to get a solar panel system would certainly know that there are a lot of gadgets that you need to couple with them before using it. This can include things like batteries, inverters, wires, and also far more. Yet every one of these can not work together unless you additionally have a solar charge controller.

Due to the fact that these are so vital, we have actually stated the very best solar fee controllers up above in this article. Every one of them have been discussed, in addition to their significant features and also choices. You can additionally find a comprehensive acquiring overview pertaining to these solar fee controllers.

See to it to share your thoughts in the remarks section. You can additionally post any type of concerns down there if you have any kind of!

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