Do Solar Screens Really Work? What Are Its Advantages & Disadvantages

do solar screens really work

Nowadays, solar window screens and window tinting are quite popular for protecting your home from sunlight and provide shade in your house, but do solar screens really work though?

A cool home, especially during the summer season, is a goal for any homeowner. It is always great to have a comfortable home, irrespective of the temperature outside, but this can come at a very high price.

Here is the good news: you can use solar window screens to effectively block the Sun’s rays and maintain a cool temperature in your home without worrying about solar panels heightening your monthly energy bills if you like to use solar energy. This article will learn more about solar window screens and whether they really work.

What Is A Solar Screen? 

Solar screens for windows work by blocking the sun’s heat outside to avert it from entering your house and increasing the ambient temperature.

Typically made of specially made window screen mesh-like polyester weaves and further strengthened by adding PVC coating, the solar screens are installed outside windows to prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home.

How Does A Solar Screen Work? 

Solar window screens are made of a special window screen mesh, with the added durability provided by PVC coating. Sure, this is not the most efficient means of bringing down heat transfer through the glass. Solar screens help with solar heat gain coefficients.

You can go to the National Fenestration Rating Council, a third-party government entity that rates all windows according to how well they insulate, though they do not have ratings on solar screens.

Pros And Cons of Solar Screens 

Pros and Crons of solar window screens

Much like everything else, solar screens also have pros and cons, and we are going to look into that right now:

1. Keeps Your Home Cool 

This one goes without saying- solar window screens function by keeping your house cool during the summers. They avert the heat of the sun and the scorching rays from coming into your home. They work well with your AC to maintain a cool temperature in your house. Solar window screens help lower home temperature up to a whopping 15 degrees.

2. Protects Furniture and Equipment 

They also help in blocking the scorching glare of the sun and filtering UV rays. Hence, they effectively prevent damage to the furniture and other equipment inside the home.

The rays of the sun can cause furniture to fade quickly, especially if constantly exposed. They can turn into a yellowish color and cause damage. But installing solar window screens can prolong the lifespan of all household furniture.

3. Makes Your Home Comfortable 

Installing solar screens can make your home much more comfortable. It can lessen the amount of heat coming into your house.

Direct sunlight impacts the surface of your house, and when it is reflected, it can cause eye strain and discomfort. Blinds or curtains can rarely tackle these, and a solar window screen can be handy. Moreover, if you use your PC or phone often, the Sun rays can be bothersome. The same rings true for TV. 

4. Cost Efficient 

Solar window screens can drastically save money. These screens can deflect the scorching brightness of the sun to ensure the sun glare does not enter your home. These solar window screens are more effective than ordinary window treatments such as blinds and curtains.

Apart from blocking the sun’s rays, they can offer privacy too. It is hard for someone outdoors to peer inside your home with solar screens.

5. Bad Aesthetics 

This one is a con in that, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, solar screens are quite dark and tend to make houses seem dark in general. This surely does not enhance your home’s beauty, so keep that in mind. If you like a well-lit home, this might pose an issue. Darkness decreases serotonin and endorphin levels in humans, so be mindful of side effects.

6. Possibility of it Flying Off 

The possibility of your solar screens blowing away or being damaged in storms is also a challenge to this trendy hardware.

Depending on your local weather trends, some solar screen companies suggest installing them on the interior of the windows to protect them better. The screens are thick enough to inhibit some airflow if you like to open the windows for ventilation.

Do Solar Screens Really Work? 

Yes! They work wonders in keeping the heat and discomfort away from your home! They also reduce your electricity costs by a lot, saving you money on ACs and cooling systems. Solar screens are great at doing a multipurpose job if you can overlook the aesthetic drawbacks and the risk of windy storms. 

Are Solar Screens Worth It? 

Definitely! The bottom line is that it all depends on your priority. If your priority is to ensure you are staying in a calm, cool, and comfortable room devoid of the scorching UV rays of the Sun, attaching solar window screens on your home can be for you. If you like airy, light rooms, you might need reconsideration. Good luck! 


Solar screens are usually priced by the square foot or square inch, so the larger the screen, the more it might cost. Most solar screens cost between the range of $29 and $85.

The only difference between both is the thickness of the fabric and the opacity. Choose an 80% window screen if you want to have significantly more light, visibility, and better airflow in your home. Choose a 90% solar window screen for glare reduction and energy efficiency. The latter is suitable for areas usually exposed to glare and heat. 

It all depends on the variety of openness, which measures how much heat and UV rays they block. We recommend 80% or 90%. 90% Solar screen fabric features a tighter weave than 80% solar screen fabric, so it blocks more harmful UV rays that can heat up your home and damage all drapes and similar furnishings. But 90% solar screen fabric also has slightly less visibility, though you can still see through them fine.

The color of the solar screen best for your house will depend on your preferences and the budget. Choose a dark-colored solar window screen because it absorbs more light and reduces glare. It also provides a superior outdoor view. 

Solar window screens will never harm your window. The screens do not usually contact with your window’s glass surface during installation. But if it does contact with the glass surface, it will still not harm it. Solar window screens prolong the life of the windows.

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